We Americans do love our pets. And when we go on vacation, it’s hard to leave them behind, however trustworthy the professional dog-boarding kennels we have chosen. But if our vacation is at the end of an airplane flight, we face a daunting checklist. Airlines will carry pets, but booking them requires far more ‘procedure’ than booking a human passenger. We will share the difficulty of flying pets, and shows how traveling with your pet aboard a Mountain Aviation flight is so much simpler, and sometimes even more cost-effective, than the same journey on a scheduled commercial air carrier.

Let’s have a look at some of the requirements for flying pets on the scheduled commercial airlines:

  • By Federal law, the carrier must warrant that the proposed journey will not expose the animal to temperatures less than 45 deg F or more than 85 deg F. Many journeys are multi-stage flights, often with more than one airline, and satisfying this condition can be fraught with difficulty.
  • Airlines charge a fee for carrying pets. It is usually a flat fee and can range from $125 to as much as $500.
  • Animals must be in a container. They must remain in this container throughout the journey, including en-route stops.
  • Some breeds, like pugs and bulldogs, are prone to breathing difficulties, and will not be accepted for carriage.

In addition to these mandatory requirements, the pet-owning traveler should consider the following:

  • The pet will be passing through many hands, even on a single-leg journey. It may stage through a busy freight and baggage facility full of unfamiliar sounds and smells and staffed by people with many priorities competing for their attention. Deaths of pets in airline custody are rare, but they do occur, and we have no way of measuring the psychological stress of the experience.
  • When planning to travel with a pet on scheduled airlines, passengers should try to find flights that avoid the heat of the day in summer, but in winter should try to find flights in the middle of the day when there is less likelihood of turbulent weather.
  • On a Mountain Aviation private jet charter your pet travels in the cabin with you, and at no extra charge – not even the security/cleaning charge levied by most similar carriers.
  • On the great majority of our fleet, pets can travel outside of a pet container, on the seat next to you, or at your feet – whatever’s comfortable for you and the animal.
  • And because your pet will be with you at all times, traveling in hot or cold weather is no longer the problem it is with a scheduled commercial carrier.

Since there is no need to accustom your pet to be inside a shipping container, preparing your pet to travel on with Mountain Aviation private jet charter couldn’t be simpler. One tip worth bearing in mind – your pet will tend to see the inside of an airplane as ‘indoors’. A house-trained dog will endure great discomfort rather than urinate indoors, even to the extent of injuring itself. For any journey longer than the usual time between walks, this is a serious consideration. You should not over-water your dog before a flight. You might like to talk to your vet about the advisability of giving your dog an electrolyte supplement to resist dehydration and the associated stress.

To discuss traveling with your pet contact Mountain Aviation at 1-877-700-2491.