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The 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup is quickly approaching, and the excitement is building. So much so that the celebrations have already begun!

Late February marked 100 days until the highly anticipated 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup, marked by the release of a poster to honor the event. All 9 cities hosting the matches conducted unique events to join together in the FIFA excitement.

Grenoble, for example, hosted a “football” tournament on ice. Valenciennes celebrated in a large court with a futsal tournament.

A big part of the excitement seems to be grounded in the inspiring legacy behind the Women’s FIFA World cup, which began in China in 1991, about 21 years after the ban on women’s soccer was lifted.

12 teams from around the world competed in the first tournament. Ultimately the title was won by the United States, who reign today as Women’s FIFA champions with 3 titles.

This sparked a new era in soccer, and momentous occasions continued to occur.

The last Women’s FIFA World Cup in 2015 ended up being the most-watched soccer game in U.S history, with 26.7 million TV viewers and 1,353,506 attendees.

The records didn’t stop there. During the same World Cup, 2 of the players celebrated their 6th time making it to the tournament, something that had never been achieved before in the history of soccer.

The 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup is shaping up to be just as thrilling (if not more) than the last. It will be hosted throughout 9 beautiful cities in France, and promises to hold plenty of highly suspenseful moments.

Norway and Nigeria will be facing off and are two of a select group of teams who have never missed a single Women’s World Cup. Odds are the game will be a nail biter.

Norway will also be facing off with France, a team determined to win the World Cup on their home turf. Predictions for this match are tough, as both teams have 3 wins and 4 draws each. By beating Norway, France is said to have a good chance at winning the cup.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Good. Now, onto planning your trip.

Get the most out of the 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup by choosing from the must-sees, best places to stay and food you can’t miss.

What to See at the 2019 Women’s FIFA World Cup

Place de la Comédie

If you plan on attending matches in Montpellier, you won’t want to miss the Place de la Comédie right where old Montpellier meets the newer side.

Place de la Comédie is home of enough unique restaurants, bars, and shops to keep you exploring for hours.

The scenery ices the cake. Be sure to stop at the famous Three Graces fountain, built all the way back in 1790, to witness its beautiful display of Greek Mythology.

Afterwards, take a tour of the neoclassical architecture all around you separated only by tree-filled walkways.


Mountain lovers rejoice! Bastille is a beautiful climb rich in history.

Bastille is a historic fortress overlooking the city of Grenoble atop a hill of the same name. While the fort itself wasn’t constructed until around the 19th century, there’s evidence it’s been used as a lookout point since 43 B.C.

Begin your climb (or cable car ride) in the beautiful city of Grenoble, enjoying a view of the Chartreuse Mountains and Isère River.

Along the path you’ll find priceless remnants of the city’s past — like blockhouses, ancient ramparts, and creepy caves.

Once your mind is thirsty for more you can pop into the Mountain Troops Museum that walks attendees through the history of the fort from 1888 to the present. Prefer art over history? Check out the Bastille Art Center, home of many international artists.

Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou in Paris takes the typical museum experience to a whole new level.

The entertainment begins as soon as you set foot on the property, as the front is often full of street performers and photo-worthy fountains.

As you enter, you’ll witness a cultural wonderland full of workshops, live entertainment, galleries and museums like the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art, home to more than 100,000 pieces.

Where to Stay

Hotel La Pérouse

Located in the beautiful coastal town of Nice, the Hotel La Pérouse is simply a dream come true.

Enjoy solace from the games in one of their Mediterranean style rooms with views of the sea. Fall asleep to the sound of waves and wake up to breakfast on the terrace, or spend an afternoon enjoying their relaxing pool.

Mandarin Oriental

Get a good night’s sleep in the lap of luxury at the Mandarin Oriental in Paris, France. Known for its “chic meets art deco” rooms, every room option is guaranteed to please.

If you’re traveling with a group, explore the Penthouse option that includes 3 bedrooms, 2 terraces, a bath and steam room, living room, dining room, kitchen, bar and gym.

If you’re aiming for a bit of a smaller room, don’t worry. There’s no shortage of amenities in those, either.

Superior rooms come with a King size bed with silk bedding, contemporary art pieces, a walk-in shower and high speed wifi so you can keep track of the Women’s World Cup matches while you take a break.

A La Rencontre Du Soleil – Camping

Enjoy the great outdoors in a beautiful new place by glamping at A La Rencontre Du Soleil in Le Bourg-d’Oisans.

This European wonderland is nestled in the French Alps and offers all the comforts you need while being in the heart of nature.

Choose from a mobile home or chalet option. All rooms come with TV, wifi, living rooms and dining rooms. Unwind with a drink at their bar or enjoy a few tennis matches on their tennis courts. There’s even fun for children at the kids’ club.

Where to Eat

Cafeteria du Musée Malraux

Enjoy French culture and food in the city of Le Havre at the Musée d’art moderne, an art museum placed thoughtfully on the coast with views of the sea and pristinely curated art.

Be sure to make reservations at the on-site restaurant, Cafeteria du Musée Malraux.

The gorgeous café is located on the top floor of the museum and overlooks the port, so you can enjoy your lunch while watching the cargo ships float by peacefully.

La Table du 20

Once you’ve arrived in Grenoble, beeline it to La Table du 20 for delectable French dishes made only from fresh produce that’s in season. Since the food is seasonal so is the menu, which means new surprises each time you visit.

Pro tip: Enhance your food experience with a wine pairing curated by the professionals.


Worlds collide in the most delicious of ways at Racine, just a few feet away from the Notre Dame Cathedral in the town of Reims in France’s Champagne region.

Racine was started by world-famous chef Kazuyuki Tanaka. Tanaka was born in Japan to another chef, and grew up with a dream to start a French restaurant.

Tanaka accomplished his dream and then exceeded it by learning Belgian and German dishes from some of the best.

What’s better than rooting for your favorite teams at the Women’s FIFA World Cup? Getting to explore the rich culture and heart-stoppingly good food while you’re at it. Book your flight today and start packing »