For pet lovers, one of the best benefits of flying private is the ability to bring your canine companion along every time you fly.

At Mountain Aviation, pets are always welcome on board. And we’re not talking about storing your furry friend in the cargo hold. When you fly with us, your dog or cat can hang out with you right in the main cabin.

Whether it’s a two-day business trip or a two-week tropical vacation, a private charter jet allows you to make new memories with your dog whenever and wherever you travel.

If the idea of a special trip for you and your dog sounds like a dream vacation, then hold on to your seat, because it gets even better.

Did you know that all around the world, there are amazing festivals dedicated to dogs?

From a special doggies-only parade at Mardi Gras and the rockin’ Woofstock in Toronto, dig into 5 of the doggone best international dog festivals around the world.

1. Barkus Parade in New Orleans

You’ve probably heard of Mardi Gras and its epic parades. But did you know they’ve got a parade just for dogs?

The Mystic Krewe of Barkus Parade dates back to 1993. Each year, the parade features a different theme that dictates how floats and costumes will be designed. During the inaugural event, the theme was “Welcome to the Flea Market”. Since then, themes have included everything from “Indiana Bones and Raiders of the Lost Bark” to “Game of Bones: Barkus Marks Its Territory”.

Mardi Gras is every year around late February or early March.

Check the official Barkus website for parade dates and to secure a place for you and your dog in the parade.

2. St. Roch’s Day in Bolivia

Catholics around the world celebrate Saint Roch, the patron saint of dogs, every year on August 16. This is officially known as St. Roch’s Day.

The story is that a dog kept Saint Roch alive during a desperate illness, licking and healing his wounds and bringing him food to eat.

Regardless of religious affiliation, everyone is welcome to celebrate the healing power of dogs on St. Roch’s Day, and one of the best places to do it is in Bolivia, where you can dress up your dog and participate in one of the country’s many dog parades.

3. Diwali Dog Day in Nepal

Did you know that Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights, has an entire day dedicated to dogs? It’s called Kukur Tihar. And in Nepal, they take this celebration very seriously.

This is because of the important role that dogs play in Hinduism. Turns out, spending a day celebrating dogs can also be a whole lot of fun!

Dogs are dressed up in garlands made of flowers and decorated with ceremonial paints. Plus, every dog, including strays, is fed like a king for a day.

Diwali goes down each fall, with the dates of the festival varying from year to year.

4. Chinese New Year Day of the Dog in China

Just like Diwali has a day for doggies, so does the Chinese New Year, which occurs at the beginning of each year, starting in January and going into February.

The second day of the 15-day celebration is committed to celebrating the birth of the world’s very first dog. Think of it as a sort of birthday party for every dog ever — including your pooch.

And just like on Kukur Tihar in Nepal, dogs are also treated with extra special care for the day, given offerings of food, as well as lots of cuddles.

From Shangai to Beijing and everywhere in between, there’s a lot of China to explore. Why not do it with your dog during the Chinese New Year, when you know your pup will get the royal treatment?

5. Woofstock in Toronto

There’s no way we’d put together a list like this without including North America’s largest dog festival, Woofstock.

Dedicated entirely to dogs, this festival includes doggie talent and fashion shows, contests, and loads of exhibitors showing off all the newest dog toys, treats, and accessories.

They’ve even got VIP (Very Important Pooch) passes! No wonder it won the award for Best Festival in Canada.

Woofstock takes place over two days each year at the end of May in Toronto, Canada. Make your plans now to join thousands of other dogs for a weekend of fun this May 25th and 26th, 2019.

Taking to the Skies with Your Dog

Now that you’ve got some dog-friendly vacation ideas, all you need to do is plan your travel with a private jet charter through Mountain Aviation.

And to ensure the trip is as comfortable as possible for both you and your canine, read our tips to flying with a pet »