If you’re a regular private flight passenger, then you’ve probably heard about jet card programs. 

FAA-certified private charter jet operators like Mountain Aviation offer jet cards as a way to reward loyal customers with savings on flights.

At its core, a private jet card is a prepaid card for private flights. You “load” your card with hours of flight time (though some companies are now pricing based on miles flown), which may be redeemed on a variety of different craft.

These hours or miles typically come at a discount, which is one of the main reasons to invest in a jet card. But other benefits can include:

Convenience: Sign one contract and make one easy payment when you buy the card, and hop on a flight whenever you need to. Reload it when it starts to get low and voila! you’re airborne again.

Accessibility: You don’t need to own a private jet to be able to fly in one. Even if you fly private just 25 hours a year, a jet card could be right for you.

Options: Even if you own a private jet, a card can give you the option of traveling in different planes, which is handy if you have a special need for certain flights, like extra lift, a longer flight range, or a larger passenger capacity.

Priority Booking: Most jet card programs give cardholders priority booking, which is helpful when making short-notice reservations in peak travel times.

Rewards: Some jet card programs offer extra perks like VIP tickets to events, discounts to luxury hotels, and more.

Fly with Different Operators: If you purchase a jet card from a broker, in addition to accessing different planes you may also be able to access different charter companies, which may be helpful if you fly to a wide variety of locations.

Good for New Private Flyers: If you’re still flying first-class commercial and considering making the jump to private, a jet card can make the transition to private stress-free and easy — especially if you don’t have a lot of previous experience with booking charter flights.

The one challenge with jet cards is that there are over 250 on the market. So how do you choose the best one for you?

How to Choose the Right Jet Card

Choosing the right jet card to suit your needs starts with answering the following five questions about how you travel:

1. Do you often travel internationally?

Many programs are limited to certain regions and countries. Traveling outside of these predetermined zones incurs a “ferry fee.” If you’re a regular globetrotter, look for a card that includes worldwide travel with no extra fees.

2. Do you mostly fly short distances?

Jet cards typically have a minimum time per flight. So even if your flight is only 45 minutes, you’ll be charged for the minimum time (possibly as high as 3.5 hours).

Choose a card with a low minimum travel time (there are some that go as low as 48 minutes) if short hops are your thing.

3. Do you travel during peak travel seasons and holidays?

Some cards charge a surplus for peak travel. If you travel during peak travel seasons, look for a program that never charges extra for peak travel.

4. Do you often book your flights last minute?

If your business or lifestyle demands short-notice travel, look for a program that can guarantee a flight with a short lead time. There are some cards that guarantee you a flight with just a 4-hour notice!

5. Do you appreciate a personal experience?

Certain jet card programs help make your experience extra comfortable, with private terminals and even the ability to make sure your favorite pilot will be in charge of the cockpit on your flight.

Once you’ve answered those questions, consider a comparison service like privatejetcardcomparisons.com to narrow down your options.

Or if you want to skip the work of choosing and jump straight to investing in a card with a reliable operator, consider Mountain Aviation’s Summit Program.

Mountain Aviation’s Summit Program: A Jet Card, But Better

At Mountain Aviation, we pride ourselves on staying on top of the trends that continually revolutionize the private aviation industry. Our jet card program is no exception.

The Summit Program from Mountain Aviation allows you to pre-purchase your flights for a respective discount. But what’s special about our program is that it’s totally customizable.

Come to us with the answers to the 5 questions above and we’ll help design a program that suits all of your travel needs. Not sure of the answers? We can help with that, too.

We don’t just sell cards through some automated system. A private jet card is a big investment, and we treat each purchase with the utmost care and customer service.

We’ll work with you to tailor your account to your specific needs, meaning that at the of the day, you’ll find a better value with us than any other program on the market.

Contact us to learn more about getting started with a customized Summit Program membership »