One of the best reasons to fly private is accessibility. Smaller private charter jets can land at small, remote landing strips, while commercial airlines are restricted to major airports. 

In Europe, that’s a big plus. There are many incredible European places that are difficult to reach directly by flight — unless you’re flying private.

Here are our top 5 European must-sees that a private jet can get you to quickly in safety and style.

Italy’s Amalfi Coast — A Romantic Classic

You’ve probably seen the pictures of Italy’s Amalfi Coast: tiny towns perched on seaside cliffs make for an unforgettably picturesque romantic getaway.

Take in the Mediterranean sun and savory seafood while being surrounded by the sounds of waves crashing just feet away.

Of course, these sights are just a daydream until you book a private jet to take you there.

That’s because the Amalfi coast doesn’t host commercial flights — you’d have to fly into Naples and rent a car to drive the rest of the way (via winding, narrow winding Italian roads).

A private jet can land right at the nearby Salerno Airport, which means you’ll be sipping Amaro and nibbling on Margherita pizza in no time.

Greece’s Kastellorizo Island — Color and Life on the Mediterranean

While still in the Mediterranean, you can hop on a private jet and head over to Kastellorizo, a remote Greek island near the coast of Turkey that’s teeming with color and life.

Spend your days exploring neo-classical mansions, castles and art museums. If you’re more of an outdoorsy type, you can enjoy world-class snorkeling and scuba diving — not to mention incredible hikes like the Circle of Kastellorizo.

Plus, the Turkish resort town of Kas is just a short boat ride away.

You could get to the Kastellorizo Island on your own, of course — but that’d require flying into a major airport in Turkey or mainland Europe, driving to a port, then taking a ferry to the island.

With a private flight, you can make your trip to this paradise as relaxing as the island itself by flying directly to tiny Kastellorizo Airport.

Faroe Islands — The Atlantic’s Diamond in the Rough

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Hi folks ? @saviourmifsud here with the second post of the day. This location doesn’t need any introduction either. Back in March, I went on a hike to Drangarnir. It was the perfect winter day with snowfall and no wind, which is quite rare on the Faroe Islands. When I arrived at Drangarnir, the snow was almost gone. I always take my tripod with me when I go on a long hike by myself, and on this adventure it was very useful. I had this location all to myself, so I set up my tripod and I noticed the nice blue colors of the ocean when hitting the rocks. I wanted to focus all the attention on the beautiful rock formation of Drangarnir and the surrounding area, so I had to take a long exposure. I also wanted to be in the picture, holding my breath for about 20 seconds and trying to not move, so I would be sharp enough for the image. I got myself the perfect picture from this location. #faroeislands #visitifaroeislands

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Combine the beautiful rolling green of Ireland with the raw remoteness of Iceland and you get the Faroe Islands.

Halfway between Norway and Iceland, this tiny archipelago is flanked by the Atlantic, ensuring dramatic landscapes that are perfect for remote hiking trails.

The Villingardalsfjall trail is one that’ll give you access to mountain views and a look at the island scenery from a high vantage point.

And if bird-watching is a hobby of yours, there’s no better place to catch sight of thousands of seabirds that either call the islands home or use them as a stopover point.

The islands host over 300 species of birds, including puffins, kittiwakes, and shearwaters.

A private jet can land at Vágar Airport easily. Then it’s just a short ride by car to the capital city of Tórshavn — where you can start your adventure.

St. Moritz — Switzerland’s Luxurious Ski Capital

Any avid fan of skiing knows that St. Moritz is one of the best places to hit the slopes in Europe.

This high-end ski resort in the Swiss Alps has it all — epic mountain views, world-class skiing, top-notch dining and luxury hotels.

You could get to St. Moritz by flying into Zurich, but only if also want to endure an hours long car trip through tight mountain passes before reaching your destination.

Instead, a private jet will land you at Engadin Airport in neighboring Samedan, just a few minutes’ drive from St. Moritz.

Before you know it, you’ll be cozying up to a fire with a glass of kirsch, getting ready for a day on the slopes — Swiss-style.

Saint Andrews — Scotland’s “Home of Golf”

If a day on the fairway is your idea of fun, then why not go to where the game got started?

Saint Andrews, a tiny town on the Scottish coast, is known as the birthplace of golfing.

Here you’ll find the 19th century building that once housed The Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews, which for 250 years was the legislative authority of the game.

And of course, the home of golf couldn’t hold on to such a prestigious title without a smattering of world-renowned courses.

The links here are above par, to say the least, but the must-play one is St. Andrews Links. People have been playing the game on these ocean side greens for over 600 years!

With a flight on a private jet, you could become a part of that history. That’s because while commercial airlines fly into Edinburgh (an hour and a half away by car), private aircraft can land at the “gateway to the home of golf”, Dundee Airport, just a few minutes away.

Make Your Next Trip a Memorable One with Private Aviation

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