Private jets are the way to go if you’re serious about your business. It can help make your employees more efficient, while also helping you retain top talent.

Not to mention the way it’s sure to dazzle that client you’re hoping to finalize a deal with.

Having a private jet at your disposal can give your company an edge against the competition. But not every business can afford to purchase, crew, store, maintain and operate its own aircraft.

The private aviation industry is always changing, and one of the most exciting trends happening now could allow smaller players to get into the private air game.

The change we’re talking about? Uber for private jets.

This private jet ride-share isn’t actually being provided by Uber, but it’s the same idea.

An Uber-Like App for Private Jets

Imagine downloading an app on your smartphone and requesting a jet for a business trip the very next day.

A few minutes later your phone dings, notifying you that a jet has been reserved and will be ready to fly you to where you need to go.

Payment is processed automatically through the app and voila! You’ve got a private jet for your business without worrying about all the details.

It may sound unlikely, but this could be the reality in the very near future.

Some companies are already offering similar features on mobile apps or via their websites, such as on-demand booking of an empty seat on an existing flight.

How Does It Work?

These private jet ride-share companies work in different ways. Some fly you on their own jets. Some connect you with the owners of other jets that are available for use (sort of like Uber meets Airbnb).

Others operate more like Netflix, in which you pay a monthly fee and get unlimited flights. And yet others have preset schedules and destinations (more like commercial airlines).

There’s a lot of variety out there, but ultimately the diversity of options is a benefit for businesses out there who want to fly private but can’t necessarily afford their own full-time jets.

Why On-Demand Private Jet Bookings Might Be the Next Big Thing

The biggest reason for the new trend of ride-share apps for private jets? New customers.

You might imagine that most people flying on private jets are senior executives — old men smoking cigars and laughing at jokes about balance sheets while eating caviar.

But that’s a myth. Wealthy Millennials and other young entrepreneurs are flocking to private jets to take the stress and discomfort out of travel. And they can be expected to be the primary customers of private aviation in the near future.

As more users turn to ease-of-life apps like Uber, Amazon Prime, AirBnB, Netflix and DoorDash, the expectations of all service-driven industries are on the rise. The younger generation expects private jet ride-share services to work the same way as all their other favorite technologies — streamlined, convenient and mobile-friendly.

Calling a private jet company’s front desk during business hours to make a reservation can be a reliable and relatively easy way to book a private charter flight. But people are increasingly interested in more flexible options, which is why private jet ride-share could become an attractive proposition.

But the idea does come with a set of challenges.

The Challenges of Bringing Private Jet Booking Into the Future

Flying an aircraft anywhere in the world is more complicated than driving a car across town.

Customers spending a lot of money on a private flight expect an extreme level of luxury and seamlessness to every aspect of their trip.

But it’s hard to program perfection. Only experts with decades of experience can ensure that customers get exactly what they need.

And for those riders who are a little less demanding, there are still logistical challenges to overcome — namely, a lack of jets and pilots to fly anywhere at anytime.

Even if the number of pilots and jets could fulfill on-demand bookings, there’s still one challenge that’s unlikely to change anytime soon: regulations.

Flying needs to be safe and follow a lot of strict guidelines. And not just in any one city, but in the takeoff and destination locales, as well as the airspace of every country in between. That means complying with international guidelines about who can fly where and when.

The reality is that all flights — private or not — need to be documented and approved through a bureaucratic system that is a long ways away from responding quickly to on-demand bookings.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t work to make flying private more convenient than ever.

The Convenience of Flying with Mountain Aviation

Mountain Aviation prides itself on making booking your flight as convenient as possible while still complying to rigorous safety and quality standards.

You can get quotes for flights or empty legs right on our website, whenever you want.

But making booking easy is just one of the trends we’re on top of. Another is aircraft management.

When you’re ready to take the jump to getting your own plane, we can help you find the perfect craft for your needs.

Then we can handle every aspect of operating the craft, from staffing it with experienced personnel to storing and maintaining it. We’ll even help you make money off it by booking flights on it when you don’t need it.

Our method of aircraft management is on the cutting edge of industry trends. And we’ll continue to work to stay on top of any change the industry throws our way.

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