Colorado is a treasure trove of natural hot springs. But just like real treasure, these gems can be hard to find. 

And even once you’ve discovered some of the lesser-known hot springs, many are in remote locations that can be difficult to access.

Luckily, you can enjoy these hotbeds of relaxation conveniently and safely via private jet.

We’ve put together a treasure hunter’s guide of 5 of the most exclusive Colorado hot springs you can fly private to today. A little R&R is just a short and luxurious flight away.

Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs are a way to kick-off your Colorado hot springs tour in style.

These springs are part of a luxury resort in the 19th century ghost town of Dunton, Colorado, near Telluride.

In 2016, this destination made Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List, so you know it’s worth the trip.

With extremely gorgeous high-end cabins (one even has a private hot spring inside the cabin), all-inclusive ski packages, gourmet dining and more, this place has everything you need for a luxurious getaway.

How to get there:

Fly private into Telluride Regional Airport, where an array of options from luxury limos to shuttles to rental cars are at your service. A 30-mile drive through the exquisite mountains of San Juan National Forest will leave you breathless from the beauty of the natural landscape.

Desert Reef Hot Spring

The Desert Reef Hot Springs may be the most exclusive destination on our list. The glittering waters form a desert oasis in Royal Gorge country, just west of Pueblo, Colorado.

Located squarely in Colorado’s sunny “banana belt” and offering views of the surrounding desert and the Rockies beyond, this pool is truly a natural wonder.

And when you want to get truly natural, there’s no better place — clothing is optional!

How to get there:

Fly into the tiny and remote Fremont County Airport in Penrose, Colorado. The Fremont County Cab Service can take you on the short 9-mile trek out to Desert Reef.

Radium Hot Springs

Morning soak on the Colorado river

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Located just north of Vail, there’s no better way to soak your bones after a long day on the slopes.

One caveat: you’ve got to hike to Radium Hot Springs. But it’s only 1 mile on foot, and it’s well worth it. You end up right in the Colorado River, soaking up the beauty of the sow-capped Rockies.

Considering that some of Colorado’s most exclusive hot springs are more than a 7-mile hike, this is a good middle ground for when you want to escape into nature without a long trek.

How to get there:

Take a private jet into McElroy Airfield and pick up one of nearby Kremmling, Colorado’s shuttle services, or rent a car. Staff at the airport terminal can help you arrange either. From the airport a 15 mile drive on Colorado Rd. 1 will take you to a parking lot, where you’ll make the short hike to the springs. You can also kayak in! Get exact directions here.

Visit in summer or fall when the roads and trails are easy and safe to navigate.

Trimble Hot Springs

Trimble Hot Springs has the benefit of getting very little tourist traffic while also being conveniently close to Durango, Colorado, which is rich with wineries and evokes an Old West vibe.

Enjoy the relaxation of the hot springs (they’ve got saunas too), before strolling the cozy streets of Durango in the evening

Being host to Fort Lewis College means the town hosts an array of delicious food and bar options, plus plenty of live music culture.

The town is flanked by national monuments and parks like Mesa Verde, Chimney Rock, and the San Juan National Forest, plus the famous Durango & Silverton Railroad.

How to get there:

Land at Animas Airpark just outside of Durango. From there a shuttle, cab, or rental car can deliver you to Trimble Hot Springs just 15 miles away.

Strawberry Park Natural Hot Springs

Beautiful hike to Strawberry Park on Mama’s last day in Colorado?♥

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Although these hot springs aren’t exactly a hidden treasure anymore, we just couldn’t write about hot springs in the state without mentioning Strawberry Park.

Just outside of beautiful Steamboat Springs, Colorado, these are considered by many to be the best hot springs our state has on offer.

Fed naturally, these pools are filled year-round with 104-degree mineral water. And they sit in the beautiful surroundings of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests. Are you feeling relaxed yet?

On top of that, Strawberry Park offers lodging from camping to cabins, along with water-shiatsu massages.

How to get there:

Fly into Steamboat Springs Airport, just 10 miles from Strawberry Park. From there, the Hot Springs Shuttle can deliver you to straight to the springs so you can start relaxing as soon as you step off the plane.

Why wait to relax? Plus, if you’ve got a certain someone you’d like to bring along, a getaway weekend of soaking in Colorado’s wild side makes the perfect gift.

Whether it’s a trip to the hot springs scattered around Colorado or a visit to your family in Florida, rely on Mountain Aviation to get you to your vacation destination in style and safety year round: spring, summer, winter, or fall.

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