“Since life is short and the world is wide, the sooner you start exploring, the better.” – Simon Raven 

It probably seems like just yesterday that you were sending your child off to their first day of kindergarten. Now they’re tossing their cap at high school graduation.

It’s a great reminder of what really matters in life: spending time with the people you love.

What better way to sneak in some bonding time during your last summer with your high school grad than taking them on a memorable trip?

Not only will it be a fun way to welcome them into the world of adulthood, but seeing new places and ways of life can inspire them to dream bigger. And travel can open your grad’s eyes to new cultures and scenery, preparing them for the melting pot of experiences awaiting them at college.

Pack your suitcases and prepare an itinerary, because here are a few trips you and your high school graduate are guaranteed to remember for a lifetime.

Seattle International Film Festival, May 17-June 10

Think of the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) as the ultimate family movie night.
With films from around 80 countries and over 155,000 attendees, SIFF is the most popular film festival in America.

What to Do

The fun doesn’t stop at films at the Seattle Film Festival. Take some time to explore the beautiful city of Seattle on a narrated cruise, catch sneak peeks of unreleased films by purchasing exclusive access to secret festivals, or enjoy a heart to heart with your high school graduate 175 feet over the water on the Seattle Great Wheel.

Pro tip: Try to catch the wheel at sunset for a stunning view of the Olympic Mountains.

Where to Stay

Seattle has plenty of qualities that give it a unique charm, one of those being the one-of-a-kind lodging options. Whether you want a taste of luxury, a feel of nature, or both, Seattle has comfortable quarters for you.

Seattle has a noticeably booming boat culture. Along with this comes the opportunity to enjoy a stay on a world-class privately owned yacht thanks to Airbnb. Be sure to book yours ahead of time to ensure no one beats you to the punch.

If sleeping on the water isn’t your thing, kick back in a 5 star apartment of your own at Stay Alfred Apartments. Each standard apartment comes with plenty of natural light, 2 bedrooms, and a private kitchen.

Be sure to take an exploration walk, as the apartments are only a few miles away from the space needle and other must-see’s.

Where to Eat

Rumor has it the seafood in Seattle is some of the best in the country.

Take advantage of all it has to offer by popping in to Seattle’s top-rated seafood restaurants like Athenian Seafood. Athenian is based right on the coast of the pacific ocean, making for fresh catches every time.

Island Hop in Greece

If you have an explorer on your hands, give them the rewarding challenge of helping plan an island-hopping trip through Greece.

What to Do

With anywhere between 1200 and 6000 islands in Greece and only 277 of them inhabited by human life, planning a trip can be overwhelming.

Luckily there are plenty of go-to spots to help guide your trip.

A good place to start is the Cyclades. Explore the 24 inhabited islands that make this archipelago so magical including two of the most visited, Mykonos and Santorini.

Where to Stay

Tourists are guaranteed luxury in Greece, especially in one of their stunning hotels with features to impress the whole family.

Take Aigialos, for example. Immerse yourself in Greek charm staying in this selection of unique sugar cube homes on a coastal cliff. Sizes range from super to mansion, and all come with a private patio and sweeping views you could only dream of.

Where to Eat

Greece has no shortage of delectable food. Whether you and your graduate prefer Mediterranean, Greek, or simply some good BBQ, chances are your food adventures will be some of your favorite memories from the trip.

While enjoying the world of Santorini, be sure to try out the world-class Koukoumavlos. Koukoumavlos is more than your average fine-dining restaurant. It’s the home restaurant for renowned chef Nico Poulasis.

Experience the way Greek food is supposed to taste.

Get Away to Crestone, CO

Spend a summer staycation in the beauty of a hidden treasure like Crestone, Colorado.

Cretonne is located in the beautiful Sangre De Cristo mountain range, perfect for hiking, climbing and sight-seeing. It’s a perfect mountain wonderland to satisfy any wandering spirit.

What to Do

Take a quick hour long trip to slide down the famous Sand Dunes, get up close and personal to some scaled creatures at the Reptile Rescue Park.

On the way back, you can even check out the UFO viewing platform.

Where to Stay

Step outside the box from the average mountain cabin by reserving the Delightful Dome, a quirky and luxurious dome home that includes a large, light-filled loft for yoga, meditation, reading or just lounging.

Where to Eat

Crestone Brewery goes far beyond one-of-a-kind brews. Enjoy hearty mountain-style beer while your graduate chooses a delicious meal from their huge menu. They even have healthy vegetarian options if you prefer.

After all this traveling fun, chances ae you both will want to make it a goal to travel more. And in the blink of the eye, they’ll be back home for some family time this winter break. Start planning the perfect ski trip for winter break >