When you think of private jets, do you imagine a business trip? Taking a vacation overseas? Flying in a new client

While private flights are useful for all of the above, they have even more uses than you might think. In fact, on more than one occasion, private jets have been used in rescue missions for both humans and animals.

Private jets have been considered crucial in many rescue operations, including those with animals involved. Learn more ways private jets act as rescue vehicles for our furry friends.

Hurricane Maria

In September of 2017, 300 animals were saved from the destruction of both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Katrina by Sali Gear, Co-Founder of Island Dog Rescue.

Island Dog rescue is a nonprofit out of Virginia with a mission to save dogs at risk from the Caribbean Islands, solving a pet overpopulation problem along the way.

Gear’s original intention of transporting 20 dogs and cats from the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix turned into an emergency mission to transport 300 animals at once when she heard of the arrival of Hurricane Maria.

Hurricane Maria would turn out to be the first category 4 hurricane in Puerto Rico in 85 years, impacting over 3 million Americans.

Thanks to an anonymous donation, funds from the Animal Welfare Institute and other smaller online donations, Gear was able to issue a private jet and all the equipment needed to reach her goal.

All 300 animals were airlifted from St. Thomas’ airport and transported safely to Gear’s home state of Virginia. Awaiting the animals were multiple organizations and around 50 volunteers ready to get them the care and homes they needed.

This isn’t the only example of rescue operations via private jets that have saved countless animals.

Hurricane Harvey

In late August of last year, Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas. This category 4 hurricane not only tore through Texas with 115mph winds, but its heavy rains caused flash flooding all over the state.

Four Bay Area animal organizations collaborated to save as many helpless creatures as possible. These organization include Muttville, Mad Dog Rescue, Milo Foundation and the SF SPCA.

On September 3rd, 2017, 54 dogs and 15 cats were flown out of Texas via a private jet donated by Charlie’s Acres, a sanctuary for abandoned animals.

Like the animals rescued from Hurricanes Katrina and Maria, the 59 animals rescued from Texas were greeted by plenty of volunteers geared up with pet supplies and a safe, dry place to sleep.

Why private jets?

There are multiple reasons why private jets make for better rescue missions than flying commercially, especially in high-pressure animal rescues.


  • Last year alone, a major commercial airline had 18 pet deaths and 13 pet injuries.
  • In the hustle and bustle of a commercial airline, pets can be put in unsafe circumstances.
  • Private jet operators have the time, capability, and knowledge to make sure animals have a safe and comfortable flight.


  • When it comes to a rescue operation, time is money.
  • The amount of time it takes to find parking, check in and get through a long security line alone could mean the difference between life and death for many animals at risk.
  • You can be certain your flight crew will keep you and your furry friends safe and comfortable.

A personalized experience

A private jet company can make sure your experience is built for you personally by choosing the right jet, airport, and experience to suit your needs, whether it be to rescue 200 animals or 5 clients.

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