If you’re a bird hunter, there are few things more thrilling than coming home with a handful (or two) of bounty.

There’s also nothing more deflating than finding yourself tracking the same bird as another hunter (or two).

Whether you’re on a solo hunt or are spending the weekend with friends or family, the last thing you want is to be jockeying against other hunters for the best hunting ground.

And one of the best ways to find the most exclusive upland game hunting grounds for you and your party this year? Flying private.

Flying private lets you land in off-the-grid locations where you’ll get access to some of the world’s best bird-hunting spots in the country — away from the crowds.

We’ve gathered the top 5 best places to bird hunt in 2018 so you can start planning your exclusive bird-hunting experience with Mountain Aviation.

Here are the top 5 best bird hunting locations for 2018.

Eufaula, Alabama

One of the best place to hunt wild turkey in the country can be found in Alabama. Hawkins Ridge Lodge in Eufaula is known for its 90% success rate.

Hunting trips planned through a lodge are all-inclusive packages that offer overnight accommodations, food and beverage and expert hunting guides.

Alabama has nearly half a million turkeys, making it one of the best states to hunt turkey in period. Other hotspots in the state include:

  • Colbert County
  • Lamar County
  • Marion County

Weeden Field is the closest small airport to the Lodge.

For any members of your party who aren’t interested in hunting (like the kiddos), there are other things in Eufuala to hold their attention, including a national wildlife refuge and Shorter Mansion, a Greek Revival Mansion that’s listed on the National Register.

Pierre, South Dakota

Located on the Missouri River, Pierre, South Dakota is considered the heart of pheasant country.

Fort Pierre National Grassland is home to sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chickens that are native to the state.

Pierre is also home to the Cultural Heritage Center, an architectural marvel that explores the diverse history of the Pierre area. After a long day of hunting, this center is worth a visit before you head back home (especially if you’ve got family in-tow).

Lewiston, Montana

Another highly exclusive bird-hunting location in North America is Lewiston, Montana.

Pheasants and grouse are the most populous birds in this area. Lewiston also boasts acres of land available for public hunting, including a 14,000 acre parcel called Wolf Creek Property.

A truly unique attraction in Lewiston is the Bear Gulch Pictographs. It’s open seasonally and worth the visit if you’re in Montana during the summer.


If you’re looking to set your scope internationally, Montenegro is an attractive destination for bird hunters due to its mostly untouched natural landscape.

Montenegro is considered a hidden gem in the Mediterranean. Quail, duck, turtledove and snipe are the most popular birds to hunt in this exotic location.

Skadarsko Jezer is national park within Montenegro that boasts over 280 bird species which surround Lake Skadar. Meanwhile, Mount Durmitor National Park was formed by two glaciers and is home to the deepest river valley in Europe.

Montenegro hosts a variety of family-friendly activities as well, including water sports, museums and walking tours.

Your party may also be interested in exploring the Lipa Cave, which has over 1.5 miles of passages awaiting discovery.

Lake Skadar and Mount Durmitor are both serviced by one of two international airports in Montenegro.

While travel to Montenegro by private jet is popular — especially in the summer — you’ll still need to travel by bus or car to reach the hunting grounds in these remote destinaitons.

Córdoba, Argentina

Another international destination that is coveted by bird hunters is Córdoba, Argentina.

The 100-square-mile radius around the region is home to 50 million doves, so you’ve got a great chance at success.

The best times to bird hunt are March, April and October due to the weather, but the season is open year-round.

For members of your party who may not be interested in hunting, Córdoba has many other attractions to keep them busy. Some of the most popular are:

There are 3 airports close to Córdoba that you are available for you to fly in and out of, so you’ll be close to your final destination no matter which airport you choose.

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