“Turboprops”, or jet engine-powered propeller planes, are the backbone of the business aviation fleet across the globe.

Though used less often than private jets, turboprop planes are a safe, efficient, and highly cost-effective option for shorter regional trips and navigating mountain airports.

From steeper approaches to shorter landing distances, here are the many benefits of a Turboprop jet.

Are Turboprops Safe?

Though there is some mythology around turboprops not being as safe as private jets, rest assured — both turboprop planes and private jets have turbine engines, meaning their operation is virtually the same.

Turboprops are different from planes with piston engines, which also have propellers. Turbine engines are safer and more reliable than piston engines, which are typically found in smaller aircrafts.

Benefits of Turboprop Jets

The blade angles of turboprops can be adjusted to support multiple functions that can give turboprops a cutting-edge on navigation, including steeper approaches, shorter landing services and cost efficiency.

Shorter Landing Services

Part of turboprop functionality is the “reversible props,” which pushes air instead of pulling it into the engine as it does during flight.

This function acts as an air brake upon landing, which supports turboprops approaching airports at slower speeds. This means turboprops can navigate shorter landing distances, which helps them approach smaller private airstrips with ease.

Steeper Approaches

Because of the adjustable blade angles of turboprops, these aircrafts are adept at steep approaches into airports. This is particularly helpful when landing at one of the many mountain airports scattered throughout the Rocky Mountains.

Cost Efficient

Turboprops are generally cheaper to buy, own, and operate than other types of private jets. They have lower purchase costs, ownership costs, and hourly operating costs.

Turboprops are often an economical choice for a wide variety of private jet passengers, including natural-resource extraction companies, health care providers, small businesses, and leisure travelers.

Turboprops in Action

Mountain Aviation has a highly-utilized turbo-prop fleet consisting of the King Air 90, which houses 5 passengers, a King Air 200, which houses 8 passengers, and the massive high-speed Avanti Piaggio II aircraft. These planes fly everyday and most nights, supporting a multitude of businesses based or with major interests in the Rocky Mountain region.

Our fleet of turbo-props help bring doctors to serve patients in rural communities, and transport skilled labor and engineers to their projects which help support oil, gas, and coal industries throughout the West.

An in the winter, the Piaggio and King Air turboprops help get skiers and summer mountain enthusiast to the remote mountain airports that our pilots have been safely and comfortably navigating for nearly 20 years.

Whether you’re looking for a regional plane to get your team to business meetings or are looking to access some of the best hunting, fishing, or backcountry skiing that the Mountain West has to offer, our turboprop planes can get you to your destination quickly and comfortably. Get a quote for your next trip now >