Have you ever wondered who’s boarding the small business jets you see at smaller general aviation airports? Who ends up in these seats, and where are they flying?

The skies are filled with small jet and turbo-prop aircrafts. But contrary to popular belief, there are only a few celebrities and recognizable names traveling by private jet.

The majority of private jet users are businesses that use private travel to grow and sustain their business ventures. Only 3% of private jet travel is by Fortune 500 companies — meaning small and medium-sized business make up a large percent of private jet travelers.

These business flight’s aren’t all about business, either — 25% of private business flights in 2015 were to accomplish humanitarian missions.

But how do businesses afford private flight, or manage a private jet? Here are the people who are flying private, and how they’re doing it.

Who’s Flying Private?

From entrepreneurs to philanthropists to medical professionals, here’s who make up the majority of private flight passengers.

Successful Businesses

From increased access to a global market to keeping current and prospective clients close, more and more companies are turning to private aviation to expand their business.

Consider the following facts about businesses that currently use private flight:

  • 95% of Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” are private jet users
  • 98% of Business Week’s “100 Best Brands” are private aircraft users
  • 55% of companies using private aviation have less than 500 employees

How private flight can lead to business success.

Medical Industry Professionals

Those in the medical field benefit from the accessibility that private jets provide. 80% of private business flights are to airports in small towns and communities that commercial flights may not be able to access.

Mountain Aviation has worked with physicians to provide out-reach to rural communities via private flight. Physicians also use private travel to service out-of-reach organ transplant organizations across the globe.

Natural Resource Management Professionals

The benefit of quickly accessing remote areas of the world via private jets also benefits processionals in the natural-resource extraction industry.

These professionals use private flight to transport engineers, geologist, and highly-skilled laborers to remote job sites that are not serviced by commercial airlines.

How to Fly Private

Chartering a private jet or owning a private jet both have their own advantages, depending on a business’s goals and flight frequency.

Chartering a Private jet

Chartering a private jet is a popular way for businesses to fly private affordably.

To charter a private jet, all the private aircraft management firm needs to know is the dates you’re traveling, the destination(s), and the size of your party. There is no overhead or fixed monthly fees.

Many businesses will use an aircraft management firm like Mountain Aviation to manage their private aviation assets. An aircraft management company can ensure your business operates their aircraft safely and efficiently.

This includes maintenance and pilot staffing, and access to significant savings through fleet discounts on certain fixed-costs associated with aircraft operation.

Plus, some management companies hold FAA-issued on-demand Air Carrier Certificates. These certificates allow aircraft owners to offset some of their costs by chartering their plane to other businesses or individuals with the financial means.

Owning a Private Jet

If you’re an individual or business that is expecting frequent private air travel, aircraft ownership can be an effective option for your ventures.

Mountain Aviation has nearly 20 years of experience operating and maintaining private jets. From purchase to delivery to setting up your flight department, our professional pilots assist you every step of the way.

We also assist you with needs analysis, market evaluation, aircraft search, and pre-purchase inspection.

Mountain Aviation’s access to savings on aircraft insurance, fleet fuel discounts, and pilot training greatly reduces your ownership and operating costs. Learn more about your aircraft acquisitions options with Mountain Aviation today.