If you’re a fashion lover, Fashion Week shows are the most exciting events of the year.

But you might be wondering how to attend Fashion Week shows, especially if you’ve never been to one before.

Tickets to many Fashion Week events are highly exclusive and restricted to industry giants or national citizens. But there are ways you can gain access to these must-see shows.

New York Fashion Week

When: September 7–13, 2017

Exclusive shows

To find tickets to the most exclusive industry shows in New York City during Fashion Week, you can register with the NYFW producers or contact the design houses directly.

Registration with the bigger producers of the shows typically opens a just a few weeks before the event. If your application is approved, you’ll then need to submit it to various designers for their consideration to attend their show.

Public shows

There are several public shows where you have the chance to snag a front-row seat to see the fashion’s rising stars.

London Fashion Week

When: September 15–19, 2017

Exclusive shows

To attend the most influential fashion events in London, you have to register on the British Fashion Council’s official website. To register, you need a verified London address.

Public shows

If you’re not a local or can’t attend the exclusive shows of London Fashion week for another reason, you can attend London Fashion Week Festival. The event directly follows London Fashion Week, spanning September 21–24. Tickets for the festival are much easier to attain.

Milan Fashion Week

When: September 20–27, 2017

Exclusive shows

Like New York and London’s Fashion Weeks, getting a ticket to the event in Milan can be difficult without the right connections, or if you aren’t registered at the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.

Public shows

Open-to-the-public shows in Milan can be hard to come by, but you can check back with the Milan Fashion Week schedule closer to the event.

Paris Fashion Week

When: September 26–October 3

Although Fashion Week season starts in New York, the Paris event is considered one of the most important and must-attend locations.

Exclusive shows

You need to request accreditation from the French Federation of Fashion and have a verified Paris address to attend.

If you have a relationship with the designers in this show, you can contact them directly for access to these events.

Public shows

Public shows to Fashion Week in Paris are few and far between. Contacting a designer directly may be your best bet to get into Paris Fashion Week.

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