It’s a common misconception that only massive corporations and celebrities use private aviation to travel.

Contrary to popular belief, private aviation is a valuable and effective business choice for smaller- and mid-sized companies — in fact, 55% of companies that use private aviation have less than 500 employees, and only 3% of private jet travel is by Fortune 500 companies.

55% of companies that use private aviation have < 500 employees

Chartering a private jet can connect your company with remote and international clients that other business can’t access. Plus, private flight portrays your success to your clients — 98% of Business Week’s “100 Best Brands” use private aviation.

From more access to the global marketplace to increased employee productivity, private flight can bring your small- or mid-sized company into the spotlight and give you a leg up on your competitors in more ways than one.

Keep Clients and Partners Close

Flying private means your business can nurture relationships with existing and prospective clients, no matter where they’re located. More than 41% of private business flights go to airports with infrequent or no scheduled commercial airline service.

Meeting with potential clients and partners who live outside of major cities can be an arduous undertaking with commercial travel. If your meeting location is hours away from any major airport, you have to factor in the cost of a rental car, plus the cost of productivity lost to additional travel time.

Not only is your time in the air on a private jet cut down to a fraction of the time spent flying commercial, but a private flight can get you directly to your client meeting or negotiation, even if it’s remote. Commercial flights have access to 500 airports in the U.S. — a private jet has access to 5,000.

Plus, a private jet gives you ultimate flexibility to change locations or make multiple stops in one trip — 39% of private pilots report making stops at more than one location for their business passengers.

Flexing Your Success

Private travel is a major signifier of success in the business world. And not just for high-level executives either — CEOs, COOs, CFOs, and Board Directors are only on board for 48% of business flights.

Private aviation shows clients and competitors that your company is a major player in the game. Your entire business team can easily access and maintain close relationships with their clients through private flights, not just the executives.

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With an increasingly globalized economy, private flights can give your business increased access to international partnerships and clients. 20% of passengers say their number of over-seas private business fights has increased during the past five years.

Increased Productivity

As if these perks weren’t enough, two-thirds of business travelers say they’re more productive on a private jet than in the office.

And unlike massive corporations that have hundreds or thousands of employees, having less employees as a small company means your employees’ time is extremely valuable. Losing employee productivity to long days of commercial travel can set a small company back.

Complete privacy, comfort, free Wi-Fi and the ability to make clear phone calls while aboard a private jet means you don’t have to lose hours of time you can be working. Plus, if your team is traveling together, they can hold counsel and prepare for the negotiation ahead.

With private travel, you can drive your car directly up to the side of the jet just 30 minutes before your flight. Security is as simple as showing your air marshal your ID.

Plus, getting to and from your meeting that’s across the country in a matter of hours means you won’t have to spend the night in a hotel and wake up to another day of travel (and lost productivity) to get home.

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