Private aviation is swiftly moving beyond of the realm of out-of-reach luxury and into the business model of growing companies. In fact, only 3% of private jet travel is by Fortune 500 companies, meaning small and business are making up a much larger percent of private jet travel than most people think.

It’s no secret that there are many advantages to chartering a private jet — from increased access to a global market to flight-time efficiency that gets your employees to their destination in less than half the time of a commercial flight. The privacy and comfort of private flying is hard to overlook, too.

Flying private can give your business an upper hand in more ways than one, and the benefits can far outweigh the initial price tag. From less money spent on accommodations to less work time lost by employees, below are the five ways you can grow your business with private travel.

Cut Travel Time in Half and Always Be Prompt

Flight time is the obvious advantage that most businesses think of when considering a private jet charter. It’s true that a private jet can get you or your team to the conference room before a commercial flight even leaves the ground — but a huge factor in this efficiency is the simple boarding process for private flights.

MA-008 Private Aviation How Business Travel Can Lead to Business Success

For a business, wasted employee time is wasted company money. Cutting the time and hassle of a commercial flight by more than half means energized and productive employees who are against far fewer potential complications to getting to their meeting on time or closing an important deal.

Increased Productivity and Higher Profits

Employee productivity lost to travel is far more than just time spent in the air — once you factor traveling to and from the airport, time spent at each airport and in the air — hours of employee productivity and company time is squandered.

In terms of expenses, a trip for your team adds up like this:

Cost of the flight + ground transportation + per diem for each employee + accommodations for each employee + unproductive travel time

Once you do this calculation, you’ll probably find the money your company loses while your team is traveling is no cheap loss. And if your company requires frequent travel, these expenses add up quickly.

With a private flight, the jet is an office in the air. Your team can have a private meeting while in flight, and be completely energized for their meeting or negotiation once they land. Free Wi-Fi and spacious seating means quiet, comfortable working from takeoff to landing.

Privacy and Access for Big Business Deals

On a commercial flight, your team members can’t discuss important and sometimes confidential company details without the passengers around them being in earshot. With private flying, your team can comfortably discuss confidential or proprietary information without the fear of being overheard by competition, or the details of their laptop screen being seen by other passengers.

When you fly private, you also have access to different airports and locations that commercial flights simply can’t get close to. This opens up new business opportunities with new potential customers in areas where there’s probably little competition — not everyone’s picked up on the advantages of flying private.

Positive Company Culture and Lower Turnovers

Nothing wears your employees thin like work travel. Long stressful days dashing to flights, arranging ground transportation, navigating new terrain, and spending a night (or three) in a hotel is exhausting. And if your employees travel a lot, this laborious routine could lead to higher turnover rates.

But for some businesses, frequent travel is a must. If there are unexpected delays at the airport or complications with ground transportation, your employee could arrive at their meeting completely deflated.

Chartering a private jet eliminates the inevitable drag that hits employees after a long day of travel. No waiting in lines at hectic airports or enduring loud, cramped flights. Your employee’s ground travel can be ready to go as soon as they arrive at their destination — one less thing to worry about as they prepare for their meeting ahead.

Getting yourself and your team to meetings across the country in an hour or less cuts down on stress. Plus, getting your team members back to their families for dinner the same night is a huge morale boost — and morale boosts lead to less employee turnover, a win for any business owner.

Make a Lasting Impression and Close the Sale

From arriving to your meeting to accommodating clients and potential partners, the comfort and luxury of a private flight is certainly memorable. Treating your clients and employees to the highest quality of transport that far suprasses even business class on a commercial airline shows the value your business places on their comfort and time.

When you consider the rapid globalization of American business, your company needs the speed and efficiency of private travel to access potential clients and ventures across both the country and the globe — without losing three or more days to commercial travel alone.

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