Traveling during the holiday season can give even the calmest person, a massive headache. For starters, you need to book your seat months in advance if you want to travel during this busy period. If you do manage to get your family on the same flight, you’ll still be forced to endure mile-long lines and annoying delays. And to top it all off, being squeezed next to someone who won’t stop babbling is something you just can’t plan for.

Fortunately, there is a way to make the whole experience more enjoyable, from the moment you buy your tickets to the time you check in.

Enter private jet charter.

Here are five reasons why you should choose private flying over commercial this holiday season.

No Waiting

When you book a commercial flight, you need to arrive at the airport two hours in advance so that you can queue up to check in your luggage. Then, you need to wait in another line to get through security, where you have to unpack your carry-on if it contains any electronics, take off your jewelry, empty your pockets, and so on. Once you are finally on board, you need to wait for everyone in front of you to stuff their oversized carry-ons into the overhead compartment so that you can take your seat.  While waiting for the aircraft to be granted permission to take off, you feast on a small pack of pretzels and pray that your luggage hasn’t been sent to a different airport.

But if you are flying private, it’s a completely different scenario. Since the number of passengers is limited, you will spend less time on the ground. You can arrive 15 minutes before your flight and go through an extremely fast check-in procedure. No lines, no endless security check-ins, no delays, and no lost luggage,  not to mention that the plane will wait for you if you are running late.

Access to More Airports

Private jets don’t need the huge runaways and massive staffs required by commercial flights. What that means is that they can fly out of small airports. Are you planning to spend Christmas in Aspen or the New Year’s Eve in Hawaii? With private flying, you don’t have to travel to a major airport and then rent a car to get to your destination. You can fly directly to these locations and cut down precious hours. Even when you are flying to major cities, small airports are usually located closer to downtown areas than commercial ones.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the great advantages of flying private during the holiday season is that the staff will work around your schedule. Flight times can be adjusted to account for factors such as the need to depart quickly to catch an important meeting or a passenger arriving late.

A Faster Flight

Private jets aren’t tied to the same network as commercial flights, so you can reach your destination faster. Private jets are also designed to climb faster and cruise higher than airliners. That means that they don’t have to compete with other aircraft for space and their routes are more direct than commercial airlines.


If you want to take your pet with you during your holiday trip, the staff can arrange for your furry friend to travel with you in the cabin. That way, your pet doesn’t have to go through the stress of being locked in a cage and being put away with the luggage in a dark room.

Flying private for your next holiday is something that will benefit the entire family. It eliminates the logistic hassle, it’s convenient, and it offers a smooth experience from start to finish. But most importantly, you’ll have more time to spend with your loved ones.