There are so many perks to flying with a private jet charter service. Our customers love the privacy they enjoy on board, free Wi-Fi access, more luxurious seating, and a host of other extras. Less security screening is another benefit of private air travel, but that doesn’t mean you can take whatever you please. Private jet charter services like Mountain Aviation are still subject to some Transport Security Administration (TSA) rules. While some items are restricted, you’re free to board your private jet with the following goods.

Most Types of Alcohol 

The TSA doesn’t permit air passengers to carry combustible substances, as they could potentially harm an aircraft and its passengers. Alcohol is among the restricted goods, but only beverages exceeding 70 percent by volume pose a risk. That means there’s nothing stopping you taking a six-pack of beer, a bottle of champagne, or most other alcoholic beverages to enjoy on your journey. 

Sporting Goods

Athletic equipment and sportings goods are generally not allowed on commercial flights. However, with Mountain Aviation, you can bring many different sporting goods, including golf clubs, skis and bats. We know these items are vital for traveling athletes. If you’re a sporting professional requiring one of these goods, make sure you speak to one of our staff members as soon as possible. With advance notice, we can arrange to transport your sporting goods for you. They’ll be stored away from passengers to keep everybody safe.

Personal Liquids and Gels

The TSA has strict rules about liquids and gels, restricting items like shampoos, body washes, and perfumes to tiny three ounce containers. However, you’re not subject to these tight restrictions when traveling with Mountain Aviation unless you’re boarding your flight at an airport terminal. If you’re getting on at another site, feel free to take all the toiletries, fragrances, and other items you need for a comfortable trip.

Your Pets

Leaving a faithful dog or favorite cat behind for a vacation or business trip can be torture for many air travelers. While commercial airlines will transport pets, animals are often traumatized by the journeys they must take in shipping containers. Despite the poor conditions, most airlines have no problem charging pet owners hundreds of dollars for animal transport.

Flying with Mountain Airways is different. Well-behaved pets are welcome for no additional costs. As animal lovers ourselves, we waive the security and cleaning charges imposed by many other private jet charter services. On most planes, your pet also doesn’t even need a container. Just think how much more comfortable your fur-baby will feel lying at your feet or cuddled up on your lap for the journey!

If you’re still not sure what to pack, feel free to contact Mountain Aviation. Our friendly representatives will happily answer any questions you might have. Make sure you ask if you’d like to bring any of the items which would normally be restricted. We pride ourself on our customer service and will make every effort to accommodate the requests of our valued guests.

Image via Flickr by ginnerobot