When making a short weekend trip, you’ll want to pack strategically. Fitting everything you need in one carry-on will keep you organized and save you from having to pay any bag checking fees. Implement these easy-to-follow tips when packing for your next trip.

What to Bring

Make sure you pack appropriately for the location you’ll be visiting, and keep in mind the weather during that time of year. For weekend visits, you’ll need only essential items. Consider packing two or three casual outfits, one formal outfit, two pairs of shoes at the most, and one seasonally appropriate item, such as a bathing suit or piece of outerwear. A toothbrush, travel-size toothpaste and deodorant, and any prescription or over-the-counter medicine should all make the list. If you plan to bring any electronics along, be sure you don’t forget their charging cords.

What to Leave

Packing for a weekend away greatly differs from your normal trip. You’ll spend significantly less time at your destination, so there are plenty of things you can leave at home. Most hotel rooms come standard with shampoo and conditioner. Though the provided toiletries are small bottles, you’ll be there only a few days and can leave your preferred brand behind. For such a short trip, it’s best to leave behind any expensive jewelry and clothing accessories. Pack only the number of outfits you’ll need, and leave behind spare sets of shoes.

Pack Light

The timing and destination of your trip determine what attire is appropriate and practical. One general rule applies when traveling in any season: pack light. Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane. Jeans are generally the heaviest material, so wear those on the plane and leave your khaki or cotton twill pants in the bag. Any jackets you’re bringing can also be worn in flight, and limiting yourself to one pair of shoes will save even more space in your bag.

Carry On

Many essentials can be brought on board in addition to your carry-on bag. When traveling with a tablet or laptop, it’s best to carry those items in hand rather than packing them in with everything else. ¬†Wearing your headphones around your neck also frees up space and decreases weight. You can even carry a pillow and blanket in addition to your carry-on. Carrying on these items also allows you to use them during your flight. Keep in mind that with private flights, you won’t need to worry about most carry-on restrictions.


Once you have figured out every item you need to bring on your weekend away, you’ll need to organize them in a sensible way. Folding your clothes in thirds, rather than in halves, allows more space for other essentials. Meanwhile, packing all your toiletries into a small case not only organizes them but also allows them to be packed neatly into your carry-on. Travel with electronics in hand if possible. If you have to pack them in the bag, place them at the bottom, underneath light clothing items.

Packing only your must-have items is the best route to take when traveling. Organizing and thinking ahead will help you avoid any additional traveling fees. Use these tips when taking your next weekend away, and add some of your own tricks to get the best travel experience.

Image via Flickr by Do8y