Are you seeking a better form of travel — one that celebrates your status as one of the business elite? The King Air C90 might solve your travel needs, eliminating all the aggravation that comes from commercial travel.

The King Air C90 stands apart as the perfect transportation solution for frequent fliers seeking more convenience and comfort. This aircraft is perfect for executives who generally travel within the continental United States, particularly in mountainous regions. It’s capable of quick takeoff from even the tiniest of runways, and its needs are just as modest when landing on smaller landing pads. Corporate travelers visiting mountain resorts to conduct business can accommodate up to four other guests on the King Air C90.

Technical Specs

The specs of the King Air C90 reinforce its underlying quality. The aircraft features a powerful twin turboprop engine, which will provide quick liftoff and maximum comfort. Also, the King Air C90 offers enough cabin pressure that guests barely notice they’re flying during a trip. An executive will never have to interrupt their work due to the smooth ride.

Flight Range

This aircraft is capable of up to 275 knots with a maximum travel range of 900 miles. It’s perfect for a quick jaunt from Colorado to Los Angeles or Silicon Valley. Guests seeking a longer trip to Chicago or New York City should consider an aircraft with a larger fuel tank. The intention of the King Air C90 is for comfortable travel from the mountains to the surrounding regions of the country. It’s one of the best in its class for short-distance trips.

Cabin Comfort

With a cabin length of 12.5 feet, a height of 4.8 feet, and a width of 4.5 feet, executives will enjoy plenty of room to stretch out while they prepare for their next meeting. The oval design of the interior cabin provides unexpected head space for even the tallest guests while seated. In addition to standard upright seats, the cabin also includes a loveseat for when guests prefer a more intimate ride that would not be unavailable via conventional airplanes.

Eight passenger windows with sunlight control plus two windows on the front sides of the main viewer guarantee that every guest has a wonderful view of the scenery. The ride is also quiet thanks to clever engineering. Executives will have no noise pollution distractions while they work.

Great Technology

Designed for the dedicated worker, the primary seating on the plane includes foldable work desks. You can catch up on your to-do list, then enjoy extra arm room once you’ve finished. While it doesn’t feature the bells and whistles of larger planes, sometimes a reliable cup holder is all you need for a quick business trip.

Baggage Storage

Guests will enjoy plenty of storage space while onboard the King Air C90. It has a useful maximum load of 3,275 pounds and a baggage area of 48.3 cubic feet. That’s more than enough space to pack the luggage you need for your travels, plus some ski or golf gear if you’ll combine work with play. While there is only enough seating for five, the storage space is large enough for many more pieces of luggage.

If you’re looking for a comfortable ride for business travel, the King Air C90 doesn’t disappoint on shorter jaunts.

Image via Flickr by Plane Spotter NL