Do you dread your next commercial flight? The lines, the crowds, the insanity — they never seem to end, particularly around popular travel dates such as spring break and President’s Day weekend. Whether your next planned trip is for business or pleasure, you want it to be as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. One way to skip the normal travel frustrations is by flying privately.

Avoid a Packed Plane

Even if you’ve reserved a first class or business class seat on a commercial flight, you’ll still have to deal with the rigors of a packed plane. You might have to awkwardly scoot by other people as you’re trying to find your seat and store your luggage in the overhead bins. Furthermore, an unhappy baby on one section of the plane can make all the passengers miserable.

If you’re flying around President’s Day or spring break, don’t assume that you’ll be fortunate enough to find yourself on a half-filled flight. Instead, enjoy a quiet, spacious trip to your destination.

Fly When You Want To


Image via Flickr by lunchtimemama

Arriving at an airport on a weekend is a nightmare — particularly if your city’s university or college just let out for spring break. The security lines will stretch on for miles, and you might end up on a fight with a bunch of rowdy college students. The risk is especially great if you’re heading to a popular spring break destination like Miami or the California coast.

When you fly private, you can arrange a departure time that is convenient for you. Furthermore, because private flights often use different airports than commercial flights, you’ll also be able to bypass those exhausting security lines.

Get a Better Value

It is smart business for airlines to hike up their ticket prices around the times when people most want to travel. That’s good for the airlines, but not so great for passengers. You’ll be paying more for an uncomfortable, crowded experience.

Flying private isn’t cheap, of course, but it offers better value than commercial flights. Prices don’t fluctuate as much during different seasons and days, and you can always count on a comfortable flight.

Treat Your Family

President’s Day is usually within a week or so of Valentine’s Day. Why not use the occasion to treat your spouse to a special getaway? If you have some business to take care of around the same time, that’s fine; just make sure your spouse knows that you’ll set aside work for a while during your trip so you can have some quality time together.

You can also treat your children. During your high school students’ spring break, you can take private flights between the colleges that your children are thinking about attending. High schools and colleges usually have different spring breaks, so you’ll probably be able to tour the college campuses. It will be an educational experience for your kids, and you’ll have fun, too.
If you have to travel around President’s Day or spring break, don’t surrender to crowded flights, long security lines, and painfully inflated prices. Whether you are taking to the air for business, pleasure, or a mixture of both, fly private for an enjoyable experience.