Whether you’re looking for a convenient way to split your travel costs among friends or a stellar option for showing up in style, a private charter flight to the Super Bowl could offer the perfect answer for your party’s needs.

The 2016 Super Bowl is upon us and anticipation is building for what promises to be an unforgettable day at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. With additional events scheduled at San Francisco’s Moscone Center, the Bay Area is getting ready to show off all its highlights to the onslaught of visitors scheduled to descend on the city. If you’re among them, it’s never too early to start making your travel arrangements. 

Save on Super Bowl Travel With a Private Flight

If you’re looking for a comfortable way to jet off to the Super Bowl, your first thoughts are probably of first class air travel. However, a ticket to San Francisco on Super Bowl weekend could cost over $4,000. Consider a private charter with Mountain Aviation instead. You can fit up to 10 passengers on a Gulfstream G200. Divide the flight cost between everyone onboard, and you may end up with expenses of less than $4,000 a person, depending on your travel dates, times, and origination point. The affordability is far from the only benefit.

Enjoy the Comforts of Private Flight

Onboard your own private jet, you’ll have plenty of space to stretch out and get comfortable during the flight. The cabin of the super-midsize Gulfstream G200 is 6.3 feet tall, 7.2 feet wide, and an impressive 24.4 feet long. You can choose from plush chairs situated behind their own convenient tables or you can take a seat on the cozy couch.

Depending on the size of your party, you’ll find several other options for your private jet as well. Our light jets can seat up to seven passengers, and a mid-size jet may seat up to eight. The Gulfstream G200 accommodates up to nine guests. Are you taking an even bigger party to the Super Bowl? Mountain Aviation’s Gulfstream G450 is a heavy jet that can fly up to 14 passengers.

Onboard your private charter, you’ll never have to worry about who you’re sitting next to. Everyone on the plane is part of your private group.

Never Worry About Your Luggage

If you’re accustomed to commercial air travel, you may have mastered the art of flying light to save on the outrageous luggage fees you find with most carriers. On a private jet, your things go right along with you, and there’s no additional charge per bag. Pack comfortably and take along an outfit for every occasion, from a casual day exploring the streets of San Francisco to a chic pre-game party or wild local bar crawl, not to mention your game day attire.

Trim Down Your Travel Itinerary

When you fly commercial, you could have one or even two stops to deal with before you get to your Super Bowl destination. After paying thousands for your journey, you may end up with an entire day of travel time. Flying from many Colorado airports to San Francisco takes seven hours or more with stops at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and LAX the most common inconveniences.

Consider what your hours are worth and add that to your travel savings. Flying private, you’ll enjoy direct travel which can net you two extra days of work with the exact same amount of time in your destination. Though it’s harder to put a price tag on convenience, you’ll save ample stress as well by eliminating the need to change planes and navigate multiple airports.

Tailgate in the Sky

Start your tailgating right with a party in the sky. On your private charter, you can get the fun started early with your own exclusive party including personalized beverage and meal options.

Mountain Aviation’s jets include free Wi-Fi, so you can post all your pre-game party pictures while you’re still en route to San Francisco. If you’re known for throwing unforgettable parties, this is the perfect way to keep that reputation strong. You’ll be on the way to the Super Bowl in celebrity-worthy style, reclining on a sleek white couch, drink in hand as you soar to your destination.

If you’re looking for an outstanding way to make this Super Bowl trip stand out, consider booking a private jet with Mountain Aviation. We can cut down on the stress, hassle, time, and even expense associated with your air travel. Grab some friends, split the cost, and make your travel unforgettable. Get a quote for your trip now.

Image via Flickr by cjmartin