If you’re looking for something that can efficiently handle rugged conditions or remote destinations, check out the Quest Kodiak. This smaller plane can travel to remote locations while still carrying all your gear. Additionally, it’s a cost-efficient option for less outdoorsy excursions to nearby locations. Read up on the Quest Kodiak’s amenities to see why this is a great option for your Mountain Aviation chartered flight.

The Basics

The Quest Kodiak is a smaller prop plane. It offers the performance you need for anything from an outdoor adventure to a regional business trip. Check out the Quest Kodiak’s stats below:

  • Class: Turbo Prop
  • Cabin Dimensions: 4.9 ft. (height) x 4.6 ft. (width) x 15.10 ft. (length)
  • Capacity: 6 passengers
  • Maximum speed: 210 mph
  • Maximum range: 1,320 mph
  • Cruise altitude: 8,000 ft.

Rugged Features

One of the main advantages of the Quest Kodiak is its rugged features for tackling uncertain terrain. It’s equipped with a robust landing gear and 19-inch propeller clearance, which allows for a stable landing even on difficult and unimproved airstrips. The Quest Kodiak also offers great control at slower speeds, which helps to navigate especially short strips. In fact, it can come to a complete stop just 705 feet after touchdown. It actually offers the shortest takeoff and landing capabilities of any plane in Mountain Aviation’s fleet, so it’s great for reaching remote locations.

Experience the Outdoors Anywhere


Photo via Flickr by Zach Dischner

Because it can handle some tough landing conditions, the Quest Kodiak has actually been used for a number of missionary and humanitarian needs. Today, it’s especially perfect for hunters, fishermen, and other outdoorsmen (and women) who want to experience all that nature has to offer. This plane will get you where you need to go to experience the adventures you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, our Quest Kodiak plane features an external cargo pod to accommodate all types of trips. From camping gear to skiing equipment and beyond, you can fit it all in this spacious compartment.

In-Flight Comfort

Although it’s popular among outdoorsy types, the Quest Kodiak is still comfortable enough for those with less rugged interests. There is plenty of interior space for all six passengers, and the plane design helps to minimize noise inside the cabin. Best of all, Mountain Aviation’s Quest Kodiak features the upgraded executive “Summit” interior, so you can experience a luxurious on-board atmosphere even if you’re heading to a remote backcountry destination.

Efficient for Executives


Photo via Flickr by sam_churchill

You don’t have to be an outdoorsman to enjoy the benefits of the Quest Kodiak. This smaller jet is actually one of the most cost-effective options for local and regional flights. So if you’re attending a conference, a business meeting, or another event nearby, you can hop on this plane and be there before you know it.

The Quest Kodiak is an excellent choice for a wide variety of passengers and trip types. Whether you want to go on the adventure of a lifetime or simply get to and from a work event efficiently, Mountain Aviation’s Quest Kodiak can get you where you need to go.