Not all business trips are planned. In fact, sometimes you find yourself sitting at a gate in the airport when two hours before you didn’t know you’d be traveling. Having the right accessories on hand will make your life easier when it’s time to throw the essentials into a suitcase and go on those last-minute business trips.

Your Tablet

Image via Flickr by tribehut

Your smartphone is a wonderful tool for doing all sorts of things on your business trip, but what if you need more power or a bigger screen than it can provide? Instead of lugging around a laptop, invest in a good tablet. A tablet takes up less room in your bag, weighs much less than a laptop, and is easy to pull out for security checks. That way if you need to set up a presentation, edit a document, or Skype with the office, you have the equipment to do so.

An All-Purpose Charger

Given the number of things you have to charge (Kindle, phone, tablet…) the last thing you want to do is leave one of those cords at home. That’s why an all-purpose charger is so valuable for business traveling. Chargers like these have USB ports and hookups for several of the most popular smartphones. Philips makes a good charger with five different device tips and allows you to charge from a computer, a wall plug or in the car.

The Number for a Private Charter Company

How many times have you been rushing to the airport for a last-minute flight only to find a huge line at the TSA security check? If you do a lot of business traveling on short notice, you should consider taking a private jet instead. The time that you spend on commercial travel (arriving to the airport early, waiting in line, and changing planes) is valuable, and if you charter a private jet, you’ll save tons of time, which you can use to make new business connections or to get home to your family a little earlier.

A Fantastic Carry-On

You definitely don’t have time to check bags on those spur-of-the-moment business trips, so you’ve got to depend on your carry-on to hold everything you need and keep it safe while you travel. You’ll want something with four wheels and easy maneuverability, and something with pockets so you can keep everything organized. Fodor’s recommends Delsey’s Helium Spinner Trolley and Tumi’s Tegra-Lite Max carry-on.

Perfectly Folded Clothes

If you travel for business frequently, consider keeping at least one suit folded specifically for storing in a suitcase. It might seem like overkill, but when you have five minutes to pack and arrive at your destination without a crease in your jacket, you’ll be glad you took the prep time. Business Insider has tips on folding jackets and dress shirts so they pack easily.

When working, last-minute efficiency is the most important thing, and these accessories will help streamline your trip preparation. The next time you’ve got thirty minutes to make it to the airport, you’ll be ready.