A private jet offers incredible value for those who are traveling on a tight schedule. But in addition to the convenience of a chartered flight, there are many other perks to consider. Check out the top reasons for taking a private jet to see why it offers such incredible value for the busy traveler.


As mentioned above, convenience is a major factor in the decision to charter a private jet. When you have places to be, the last thing you want to do is waste an extra hour or two at the airport on each leg of your journey. With a private jet, you skip the hassle of remote parking lots, long check-in lines, slow security checkpoints, and lengthy boarding processes. Instead, you’ll fly where you want, when you want to get things done more efficiently.


Speaking of efficiency, a private jet is your top option if you’re not sure where your business travels will take you. Choosing a commercial flight locks you into a tight schedule, and in many cases, there aren’t even seats available for those who need to travel at the last minute. With a chartered jet, you can easily change your flight schedule as needed to accommodate last-minute trips and delays in your schedule, or to add legs to your journey. And unlike with commercial flights, you won’t have to deal with layovers or switching planes. No more running through the airport to try to catch a flight—those who take a private jet simply stroll onto the tarmac and take off whenever they’re ready.


If you want to relax or get work done on your flight, commercial air travel should never be your first choice. From the narrow seats to the noisy passengers, the environment on a commercial flight will do nothing but drain your energy. On a chartered flight, however, you can enjoy comfortable, spacious seating and a quiet atmosphere. Some jets even come equipped with areas that can be made up as beds for some quick shuteye on board.

Private jet passengers can also bring any food they’d like on board or pre-order specific meals, snacks, and drinks. With this type of environment, you’ll arrive at your destination relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever’s next.


If you have confidential business matters to discuss on your flight, a private jet provides the privacy you need. Business travelers are able to take important phone calls, hold meetings, and work on company projects freely when aboard a chartered flight. Because the only people on board are those who have been invited by the lead passenger, you never have to worry about private information being overheard by the wrong people. Meanwhile, being up in the air won’t interrupt your workflow, which is essential for important executives.

It’s easy to see why so many business executives are turning to private jets for air travel. In addition to being more convenient for their schedules, chartered flights also provide the comfort, privacy, and flexibility they need to get the job done. Most importantly, chartered jets make business travel an efficient way to work rather than a drain on your resources, time, and energy. Fly with Mountain Aviation to make sure all your business travel needs are met.