For business travelers, it’s no longer enough to fly with a sleek suitcase in tow. From suitcases that transform to those equipped with all the latest technology, luggage offers more than just a place to pack your clothes. Here’s what you need to travel in the digital age with smart luggage.

Smart Scales

Image via Flickr by pestoverde

If you’ve ever worried about weight limits on your luggage, a new suitcase from Bluesmart can put your mind at ease. Thanks to this case’s innovative construction, the handle actually serves as a scale. Connect the suitcase to your phone, and the smart scale will tell you exactly how much your luggage weighs. If you need to remove items from your suitcase during airport security checks, this model makes it a breeze with electronics compartments that are easy to access.

USB Chargers

Even the most prepared business travelers can get caught on the go without a fully charged phone. From checking the news at home to staying connected at the office to loading flight information at the airport, it’s not tough to deplete your phone’s battery in the course of a typical day. Several new-to-the-market suitcases from a variety of brands come complete with a battery pack and one or more USB connections, so you can charge your smartphone and other mobile devices while you’re waiting in the lounge or relaxing en route.

High Tech Locks

Whether you’re traveling on business with confidential documents or heading home with valuable souvenirs for the family, it’s important to keep your suitcase safe and secure. Many smart suitcases offer high-tech locking systems that operate with anything from a programmed fingerprint to a remote connection. For a suitcase that you can lock and unlock securely via a smartphone app, among other features, try the Andiamo iQ. Keep your eye on the market for brand-new models that lock with a combination of your fingerprint and a smartphone app.

GPS Trackers

Even when you travel light, you may have to let your suitcase out of your sight when checking it on your private jet or at the hotel. Out of sight doesn’t have to mean out of mind, though. Many suitcases now offer a GPS tracking feature that can tell you exactly where your luggage is at any moment. Some models even provide personalized location assistance on the off chance that your suitcase is difficult to track down.

Transforming Suitcases

If your business trips tend to take you to new destinations frequently, you might not want to pack the same luggage for each scenario. The Benga 2S Duo 2 offers a great solution by operating both as a single-wheeled suitcase and as two separate cases. When you’re packing for a longer trip, try the full-size version, but when you need something sleeker, travel with one or both of the smaller rolling cases.

From suitcases that never get lost to rollers with high-tech locks, keep your belongings safe while looking sharp with these smart luggage options.