Your phone is your most essential travel accessory—that is, if you know how to use it right. Downloading just a handful of useful apps to your smartphone is one of the best ways to prepare for an upcoming trip. See how these apps can transform your travel experiences.


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Do you always seem to forget something when you travel? PackPoint is here to help. This app creates a customized packing list for you with just a few taps. You select your destination, dates of travel, and reasons for travel (such as business, international, hiking, sightseeing, etc.) and the app provides a list of your must-have items. It even checks the weather, so you won’t forget a jacket or umbrella.

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Forget about hailing taxis on busy street corners. With Uber, you’ll be able to order a ride from your phone and wait inside until it arrives. You’ll even be able to watch as your Uber ride makes its way to your location. But that’s just the beginning of Uber’s many perks for out-of-towners. The app also lets you enter your destination to get a fare estimate for your ride. You can also split the fare with fellow passengers or send a message to let others know your ETA. Best of all, there’s no cash exchange or card swiping involved since your card is charged automatically.

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Are you traveling out of the country or meeting with international clients during your trip? If so, then iTranslate will be your ticket to successful, efficient travel. This app helps you translate words, phrases, and text instantly. It features text-to-speech technology, so you can hear translations, and it works with over 90 languages.

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TripIt is essentially your personal assistant for business travel. This handy app keeps your itinerary organized in one convenient calendar. It handles flight schedules, hotel reservations, meeting information, and more. You can enter the information as you plan your trip, or just forward your confirmation emails to the app and let TripIt sort everything out. This is a must-have app for busy travelers who have places to go and things to get done while they’re out of town.

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Don’t waste precious time during your travels looking for the services you need. Instead, use the AroundMe app, which lets you instantly see which businesses are located in your vicinity. From coffee shops and restaurants to banks, gas stations, and hotels, everything nearby is listed, so you won’t have to wander aimlessly to get what you need. Once you select a location, AroundMe will provide turn-by-turn directions to help you get there quickly.

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Even if you’re usually all business when you travel, Postagram makes it easy to stay connected with your loved ones while you’re away. Just select a photo from your phone to create a postcard. Postagram lets you add a message before mailing your creation to its destination. Upon arrival, the photo can be popped out as a keepsake. In this tech-savvy world, sending a physical postcard via snail mail adds an extra thoughtful touch.

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Make sure you’re always organized and efficient while you travel with these handy apps. Each one can help make your travel experience a bit smoother and more enjoyable.