High and hot; excuse me please?

The term “high and hot” might have many implications outside of aviation but these terms have a very specific meaning for professional pilots. “High and hot” in the world of private aviation refers to high altitude airports and hot outside air temperatures. Simply put, airplanes don’t perform as well at high altitude and warm temperatures as they do on a cool day at sea level. Wings don’t generate as much lift and engines don’t produce as much power when departing from an airport like Telluride, Colorado at 9000 feet altitude on an 85F degree day. These conditions take special training and demand experienced flight crew members.

With 20 years experience operating from the challenging airports of the Rocky Mountain region Mountain Aviation’s pilots are well prepared to face these daily challenges come summer time in the Rockies. As a portion of our pilots annual recurrent simulator and flight training we review aircraft performance and practice flying our aircraft in challenging high density altitude (aviation technical term for “high and hot”) conditions. Operating out of Aspen, Telluride, Eagle, and Sun Valley on a regular basis provides recent experience that is crucial to safe operations. Extra care must be used when calculating take-off distance, landing distance, missed approach performance, and balked landing criteria to ensure aircraft can be safely operated.

In addition to meeting and exceeding the FAA regulations, Mountain Aviation implements an additional level of safety and operational flexibility by using the Aircraft Performance Group’s (APG) customized aircraft performance criteria. APG allows mountain aviation’s pilots an added layer of safety by accessing a customized aircraft performance data base that is tailored specifically for the exact aircraft they are flying and closely examines weather conditions (winds, temperature, precipitation, etc) and planned aircraft weight to assist in making safe landing and takeoff distance calculations and properly preparing for missed approach and balked landing procedures.

Rest assured, the highly trained professional pilots at Mountain Aviation are some of the best trained and most experienced in the business. In addition, we operate many aircraft that offer best-in-class performance such as the Beechcraft King Air, Citation family of business jets, as well as powerful Dassault Falcon and Gulfstream aircraft. These aircraft excel in these challenging mountain flying conditions.

At Mountain Aviation, your safety, convenience, and efficiency is our business. Rest assured when looking for private jet travel in the Rocky Mountain region there is no better value than Mountain Aviation.