New Gulfstream G650 on the ramp at KPDK

Mountain Aviation, operator of the largest charter fleet of Gulfstream private jets in the Rocky Mountain Region was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak of the all new Gulfstream G650.  This ultra long-range, ultra high-speed heavy business jet is set to lead the path towards the future of business aviation.  State of the art avionics in the cockpit and an unbelievably sophisticated cabin make this jet a market changer.

A brief cockpit tour featuring Mountain Aviation’s chief pilot Gary Emmerson can be found here:

G650 cockpit tour (about 3 minutes long)

Complete aircraft specs are available at the Gulfstream website

To fly in current production model Gulfstreams Mountain Aviation is your best choice in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Why buy a $50M airplane when you can rent by the hour?  Mountain Aviation is proud to offer charter on a 2007 G150 mid-sized jet as well as a G400 heavy business jet capable of over 4000nm range and 8 hour flights!

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